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Spider Goddess Talisman by Barbie Garrett

Spider Goddess Talisman by Barbie Garrett

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Barbie has waited a long time to bring her Spider Goddess Talisman to the market. She has worked with this animal spirit throughout the entirety of her shamanic pathwork for many parts of her own life, as well as for clients and for friends/family with huge success. The situations that this entity has helped increase within Barbie and her clients' lives have included creativity, cultivation of new endeavors, fierce & unwavering protection, as well as the sneaky nature of revelation that this spirit helps bring forth.

Isn’t the Spider Goddess, Arachne?
Yes, the Spider Goddess is an aspect of Arachne, however, she is the much more primal aspect. The one that is associated with the animal spirit…the shamanic version of this entity. Untouched by the human consciousness in such ways that spirits of religions are conformed to fit in boxes we create for them. In the aspect that Barbie works with the spider goddess, she is entirely unmolded and strictly interested in the survival of herself, and her offspring (those that have aligned with her). Thus, this talisman (weather pendant or ring) will come with instructions in order to align yourself with her, if you have not participated already in one of my initiation rituals with this spirit. Performing this connection ritual, yourself will help strengthen your bond with her and make it easier for this pendant to bestow the Spider Goddesses energies within the participants' realities and each participant will find different qualities that will settle into their lives.

The Spider Goddess in Folklore:
Spiders have always held a high significance in the occult arts. It is said in folklore that if you eat a spider between two pieces of buttered bread, it will bring great power upon you. According to other lore stories, witches could raise storms at sea by catching spiders in pots. And spiders caught while weaving are considered all-around amulets against disease. A spider carried around in a silk bag around the neck will help ward off contagious diseases.

Protection of the Spider Goddess:
In several cultures, spiders are credited with saving the lives of great leaders. In the Torah, there is a story of David, who would later become King of Israel, being pursued by soldiers sent by King Saul. David hid in a cave, and a spider crawled in and built a huge web across the entrance. When the soldiers saw the cave, they didn’t bother to search it – after all, no one could be hiding inside it if the spider web was undisturbed. A parallel story appears in the life of the prophet Mohammed, who hid in a cave when fleeing his enemies. A giant tree sprouted in front of the cave, and a spider built a web between the cave and the tree, with similar results.

The Talisman:
These high-quality resin pendants & and the sigil pendant placed upon the rings have been another amazing collaboration with Elena Lemmy of Limitless Liberations (etsy store name). Make sure to check out her other magickal products. She has taken much time - ritualized within and of itself - to place the sigil gifted to Barbie by The Spider Goddess within them. This is all done by hand. The ring is fully adjustable by a double elastic band…so one size fits most. You will also receive the command word gifted by the Spider Goddess that brings forth her spirit in its full primal and protective form. She is extremely fierce. You can speak this command word anytime you feel in danger or need to clear yourself or a space of energy that feels harmful. **Warning…do not speak this in the direction of those that you do not wish to harm.

The ritualization of these talisman:

With most of Barbie’s rituals, she calls in quite a few energies to hold space and lend their powers. This ritual, and thus these pendants have also been consecrated with the following energies:

Barashukushu to bless the wearer with prosperity through Barbie’s wish box that was utilized during this ritual and each pendant was place within it. If you wish to bring even more prosperity (or have any other wish granted, Barbie does have these wish boxes available in this etsy store).

Astarte to bless the wearer with love - especially self-love…because if you love yourself, you will attract those that will love you best and thus cultivating a permanent and beneficial romantic relationship.

Satan to bless the wearer with spiritual freedom and opening of their 3rd eye

Medusa to bless the wearer with the ability to heal from trauma, turning the wearers heart to stone which helps them to be able to move forward from toxic situations and not respond in reactive ways.

Shemyaza to bless the wearer with shamanic abilities. This is to bring forth the spiritual growth that allows the wearer to connect to more than just the human consciousness…but one in which all things are connected. Once Shemyaza shows you how all is connected, he will bless you with the ability to connect to the “matrix” in ways you never thought possible.

Abaddon to bless the wearer with revelations of truth that would otherwise be hidden from them. Because with truth, the wearer can make educated decisions on how to respond to situations and people.

The Spider Goddess, of course. To bless the wearer with the utmost protection. All the wearers need to say when in a stressful or harmful situation is her command word.

I know that either of these talismans will bring the wearers a “safe” space in order to heal, grow and prosper in all aspects of their life. Safe Space is something many of us have never known in our lifetimes…allow the Spider Goddess to facilitate that for you through this pendant.

The pendant does not come on a chain.
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