Azazel is a fallen angel, one of the leaders of the Watchers and also a demonic gatekeeper. He taught humans how to craft weapons, how to make and use cosmetics, and the art and practice of witchcraft and sorcery. Azazel encourages independence, to question and challenge rules and dogmas. Azazel is often associated with goats, as people would drive away or banish their sins with a goat into the wilderness while another goat was a sacrificed for Yahweh, hence the expression “scapegoat.”

Azazel  steals the fire from the Gods, the secrets of the heavens, and delivers them unto man. He teaches forbidden rites of sorcery, giving us the weapons of the gods as well as legions and armies of darkness to carry our will amongst the world. He instructs in the art of creating dark living sentient beings, real monstrous creations that are not just thoughtforms or servitors but actual spirits to do your bidding. Azazel has knowledge and access to things that not even the gods have, revealing hidden doorways, currents and other magickal mysteries.

He is known as the devil of Saturn, the planetary sphere of all occult mysteries, darkness, and death.

The Lord of the dark forestry will meet you after turning away from the false prophets and Gods,  revealing unto you the necessary steps upon your own path to Godhood. 

Azazel: History, Mythology, and Lore

Azazel’s got a tough row to hoe. He’s an old entity/fallen angel/watcher and has his origins with the ancient Hebrews. It is difficult to be more precise than this, as his origins, traits and personality are a bit of a jumble. He’s been around the block a few times, and has been everything from a geographic feature, a trickster, a purveyor of forbidden knowledge to someone who gives good advice that is often ignored and as such is one of the nine demonic gatekeepers. Quite a resume!

What we do know is that Azazel is mentioned in the Old Testament and Torah, not to mention the Dead Sea Scrolls, with some frequency—being associated with the ritual of the scapegoat. For those of you not familiar with the origins of the word, it refers to a ritual practiced by the desert dwelling tribes. All the sins of a given community would be attached to an unfortunate goat—physically written or otherwise just generally yelled at—which would then be driven either over a cliff or into the desolate places—the domain of Azazel. By doing this, the community purged itself of sin, and bought off a somewhat bad-tempered desert spirt, Azazel—which can also be seen as a reference to the cliff the goat was thrown off of (from Az—rough or rugged and el—of or pertaining to God).

However, some accounts of Azazel’s origins place him as falling from grace with the rest of the demons, especially in the Enochian traditions.

 Here, Azazel is a bit more dynamic. Thrown off of Mt. Hermon with his brothers and a former member of the Grigori, or high-ranking angels known as ‘watchers’. Not to let a demotion get him down, Azazel got busy mixing with people, bringing forbidden knowledge, sin, and fun times in general. Some of these fun times involved sleeping mortal women, thus entangling him with the eternally contentious word Nephilim (the most common description of which refer to humanoid giants in the Old Testament)—which has been discussed to death already in more learned quarters of academia and the internet.

Azazel is sometimes associated or compared to with the Greek Prometheus—in that he gave people knowledge that was previously expressly forbidden. Instead of fire, as Prometheus gave people, Azazel is variously credited with introducing people to makeup, hair-dye, and the use of edged weapons—and some say, the very art of sorcery itself. Unfortunately, like Prometheus, Azazel discovers that gods and angels are not known for proportionality, and he is punished further—some traditions have him chained in the desert (of course), only to be released on judgement day. Here Azazel horns in on Satan/the serpent/Lilith’s home territory as one of the ‘corrupters of mankind’ but it is a big job, and many hands make light work.

In Islamic lore, Azazel comes off a bit better in the long run. He’s the third of three angels (Aza and Azzaya were the other two) who make a bet with Allah that if they were made human, they would certainly do better than the current mortals who were falling well short of angelic expectations. Azazel realized at the last second that betting against the creator of the universe was unlikely to end well and backed out of the deal, retaining divine favor. The other two angels weren’t as fortunate, and failed their bet, subsequently falling from grace.

Azazel is sometimes associated with birds (as in the Apocalypse of Abraham text, where Azazel proceeds to smack-talk the prophet at the site of his sacrificial altar).

The association with goats and satyrs has been discussed previously, under the scapegoat category above. Alongside Baphomet, Azazel is associated with capric creatures and is sometimes explicitly referred to as such. In some traditions, the scapegoat IS Azazel, which isn’t confusing at all.

Generally, in modern occultism, Azazel is associated with the removal of barriers, knowledge, self-empowerment and secrets, to an extent. To call him the demonic equivalent of a nerd is perhaps a bit simplistic, but not wholly inaccurate.


Working with Azazel

Azazel is a fallen angel/watcher who stole the weapons and the powers of the gods and taught their secrets to humanity giving us the knowledge of magick, makeup, weaponry, and the hidden powers of sexuality. Azazel can teach you how to fully open yourself to possession and even how to jump into another person’s body, to possess them and to take control of their bodies and minds. He can give you a Unique Weapon or Armor of Darkness that only you can wield, Membership in Azazel’s secret ranks of demonic adepts, Increased magickal power, sexual seduction, and physical capabilities, and Command over armies of spirits that will be bound to serve you

I created a Azazel playlist on YouTube of meditation music, meditations, and mantras for your journey working with Azazel

Azazel’s Enn: Eya on ca Azazel aken

Azazel’s Correspondences:

  • Botanical and Aromatic: Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Gardenia, Passionflower, Patchouli, Pepper, Poppy Flowers, Rosemary, Solomon’s Seal

  • Crystals and Stones: Black Onyx,

  • Animals: Goats,

  • Offerings: Blood, Sexual fluids, Food - in my experience: a hearty steak or cinnamon mini donuts

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