Store Policies: Shipping, Returns + Refunds, International Orders

April 2024

Thank you for supporting Belladonna's Botanicals. I am a single-income disabled autistic woman and this is my sole source of income. I appreciate everyone's support and business over the years.

Please visit our website at for customer perks, special sales, more shipping options, and for a wider selection of product offerings and services that we cannot offer on Etsy or other marketplaces.


Processing & Shipping Times

Processing and shipping times can vary, I am one person and make all the products that I sell myself and process hundreds of orders per week. Most orders are ready to ship within 1-3 days. From July 2023 going forward until the move is complete - there may be some extended processing times closer to 3-5 days. This will likely effect our weekend orders that come in Friday through Sunday.

Typically, if an order comes in on Monday (depending on the time as I am located on the east coast of the United States) I will print the shipping label and pack the order to go out in the next day's mail. My outgoing mail is picked up daily by the USPS and pickup times can vary. Often, the packages are not scanned into the USPS tracking system until the next day though if picked up later in the day it might take an additional day. At high volume times, it can take longer for them to be scanned. I don’t have any additional information or access outside of the tracking number. I don’t print labels in advance and hold onto outgoing mail for days on end. On occasion, the post office may miss picking up my outgoing mail.

All domestic orders will be shipped using USPS Priority, Parcel Select Ground or First Class Shipping from Philadelphia, PA. We offer UPS Domestic and International on our website only because it is faster and more reliable for international orders.

There are still occasional delays with the US Postal System especially at high-volume times of year. Please be aware that sometimes delivery scans are made when the packages are loaded on the truck, but they may not show up for an additional day or so. If your package has not updated in the system for several days we suggested doing a missing mail search through the USPS Website: This often helps to get an idea where the package seems to have gotten stuck and I have found once the missing mail search is performed it will start moving through the system again.

International Orders

We offer UPS International Shipping on our website instead of the United States postal service international shipping. We are aware that it is more expensive, but we are doing this for a few reasons:

Due to the large number of international orders that get lost - we lose money and you never receive your purchases. A significant amount of orders clear customs in the US and the destination countries, but then get returned to us for a variety of reasons such as being marked unclaimed, customers refusing to pay import taxes, and other reasons unknown to us. We have received things returned by post several months after they were initially shipped out.

Delivery times are unreliable - sometimes they arrive in a couple weeks and others they take 1-2 months to arrive or sit in the United States export facility for extended periods of time.

We hope that by moving to UPS International that we can resolve many of these issues for our customers. However, there are two things to keep in mind since we sell on our own website in addition to Etsy, and a few other places.

For our website customers: UPS shipping options are fully integrated both domestic and international.

We want you to receive the products you paid for in a timely manner without them getting lost, damaged, delayed, or returned to us for various reasons. At this point, we have issues with about 50% of our international orders, which is what has necessitated this change in international shipping policies and carriers.

International shipping is not available or highly unreliable to certain countries and sometimes we have to suspend international shipping. Currently, we no longer ship to South Africa or Russia using Global Post. Private orders can be placed using UPS International, FedEx International or DHL if available, but these can be extremely costly depending on the weight and location. Please note that DHL is not as widely used in the United States as it is elsewhere in the world. There is one drop off location in the Philadelphia area about an hour's drive from my house or else I have to arrange for paid pickup. Once I move outside the city, the closest DHL locations will be Harrisburg and Philadelphia, otherwise we have to schedule a piclup which may incur additional costs.

International Customs and Taxes Policies

International Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply to their orders - this varies from country to country. Belladonna’s Botanicals is not responsible for delays due to customs or products confiscated or destroyed by customs. We cannot accept returns of products that have been opened or inspected by customs inspections. If you are unsure of product restrictions in your country, please check before ordering from us.


If your order is being held in customs - it is your responsibility to contact them and figure out why. Buyer accepts responsibility for all customs related issues. We do not know what items are prohibited in your country, if you are buying something internationally please check for any restrictions first. Seemingly innocuous things can be prohibited - especially with cosmetic and herbal products.

IT IS ILLEGAL FOR US TO ADJUST THE TOTAL FOR YOU TO AVOID PAYING IMPORT TAXES. If a lower value is declared for customs and there isn't any proof for it, the customs officers can estimate the value of the products and charge higher fees for them. Therefore, you might end up paying a lot more for the undervalued goods declared to customs. You may also receive a fine for tax evasion.

Furthermore, if we claim less and your parcel is lost or damaged due to the differential on the claim - we can not make an insurance claim for the full amount to refund you for lost or damaged parcels. You risk losing even more especially with Standard International shipping. There is less risk off loss with carriers like UPS or FedEx International.

Putting my business at risk because you do not want to pay taxes is not worth the sale. All sales are final, returns and refunds will not be accepted due to customs and tax issues.

Returns & Refunds

Due to the nature of our witchcraft and personal care products, refunds are only possible if the item is damaged or missing from the order, otherwise we do not offer refunds on our products.

We do not refund shipping costs on lost or undeliverable items - domestic or international.

Custom Product Order Policies

1. Please note that all custom product orders MUST have details included either in a checkout note or by messaging us at or via platform specific messaging systems within 24 hours of the order.

2. All custom items missing any details will be canceled and refunded after the 24 hour window. I do not have the time to chase people down for days especially when correspondences go unanswered. This slows up the process immensely.

3. All custom products have a turn around time of 7-10 days.

4. No refunds or returns unless product is damaged or lost during shipping. No exceptions.

5. If you are placing orders for multiple items AND custom items, we suggest possibly creating two separate orders if you need the other items faster.

Unauthorized Drop Ship Companies

We do not provide customer support, returns, or refunds to anyone for any goods purchased through unauthorized drop ship companies, services or platforms.

Our items are not intended for resale unless purchased via wholesale for redistribution at retail stores or online. Use of our copyrighted images or materials without permission will be subject to DMCA take down notices and legal action if necessary.

We suggest that you purchase items directly from Belladonna’s Botanicals through our website, Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Faire, or other authorized partnerships

Right to Refuse Service

We reserve the right to refuse service for any number of reasons.

1) Not all ritual work is right for every situation and we reserve the right to make judgment calls at our discretion for any number of reasons.

2) We go out of our way to answer questions and problem solve for you to the best of our ability. We ask to be treated with respect during that process. Excessively rude and difficult customers will have all future orders canceled if needs be. In extreme circumstances, we will cancel/refund orders and refuse further service.