About Jennifer

Belladonna’s Botanicals is owned by Jennifer Vatza, a practicing Occultist, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Certified Aromatherapist, herbalist, perfumer, and skincare formulator. Jennifer brings her unique background and studies in witchcraft, energy work, and plant medicine into her product creation and spirituality.

Belladonna’s Botanicals provides high quality handcrafted metaphysical and self-care products including flying ointments, herbal tinctures & elixirs, ritual oils, powders, incense, crystal products, ritual bath products, fragrances, and bath and body products. We also offer select consultations, divination, and energy work.


Jennifer’s Credentials

Energy Work & Healing

  • Advanced Crystal Master Certification, Hibiscus Moon, 2022
  • Certified Crystal Practitioner Certification, Hibiscus Moon, 2021-22
  • Shamanic Reiki Level 1 Certification, Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, 2022
  • Crystal Reiki Master, Lisa Powers, 2021
  • Reiki Mastery, Learn Reiki Philadelphia, 2021
  • Reiki Level Two, Learn Reiki Philadelphia, 2021
  • Reiki Level One, Learn Reiki Philadelphia, 2021

Witchcraft, Magick, and Metaphysical Studies

  • Writing Your Reality - The Magick of the Written Word, Sephira Alchemy/Demonolatry.org, 2024
  • Establishing your Daily Practice and Planning Your Magickal Year, Sephira Alchemy/Demonolatry.org, 2024
  • Creativity Magick, Sephira Alchemy/Demonolatry.org, 2023 
  • Goetia Workshop, Sephira Alchemy/Demonolatry.org, 2023
  • Manifestation Master Class, Sage Goddess, 2023
  • Light Codes, Sage Goddess, 2023
  • Of Light & Shadow: Sage Goddess, 2023
  • Advanced Chakra Balancing, Hibiscus Moon, 2023.
  • Growing Your Crystal Business, HIbiscus Moon, 2023.
  • Holding Space, Ethics, and Trauma Informed Crystal Therapy, Hibiscus Moon, 2023.
  • Crystals: Encoded with Sacred Geometry, Hibiscus Moon, 2022.
  • Advanced Body Layouts, Hibiscus Moon, 2022.
  • Prosperity and Abundance Crystal Intensive, Hibiscus Moon, 2022
  • Lemurian Lab, Hibiscus Moon, 2022
  • Crystal Formations, Hibiscus Moon, 2022
  • Crystal Savvy, Hibiscus Moon, 2022
  • Distance Healing Logistics, Hibiscus Moon, 2022
  • Crystal Selling Secrets, Hibiscus Moon, 2022
  • Shamanic Approaches to Crystal Therapy, Hibiscus Moon, 2022
  • Crystal Resonance + Vibrational Frequencies, Hibiscus Moon, 2021
  • Ancestor Connection with Crystals, Hibiscus Moon, 2021
  • Full Chakra Recalibration, Hibiscus Moon, 2021
  • Psychic Self Defense, 418 Ascendant, 2020
  • Astrology Fundamentals Course Series, 418 Ascendant, 2020.
  • Astral Projection Mastery, Robert Bruce, 2020
  • Hoodoo Witch Training Course, Hoodoo Witch, 2019-20
  • Spiritual Warfare: Master the Power of Your Thoughts, Black Witch S, 2019
  • Witch 101, A Novel Idea on Passyunk, 2019
  • Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft, Hand of Aries, Philadelphia, PA 1994

Herbalism, Plant Medicine, and Poison Path

  • The Witching Herbs & Their Uses, Harold Roth, 2020-21.
  • Poison Plant Medicine Level One, Kathryn Solie, May-June 2020
  • Introduction to Poisonous Plant Medicine, Kathryn Solie, April 2020.
  • The Traditional Incense Crafting Course, The Northwest School of Aromatic Medicine, December 2018.
  • Online Herbal Immersion Program, Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, (in progress)

Aromatherapy, Natural Skincare, Perfuming

  • French Aromatherapy Certification Program, School for Aromatic Studies, 2019.
  • Introduction to Perfumery: Level One, Online Perfumery School, 2019.
  • Connecting Energies: Aromatherapy and the Chakras, School for Aromatic Studies, 2018
  • Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation, The School of Natural Skincare, 2018.
  • Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program, Aromahead Institute, 2018.
  • Foundations of Aromatherapy Level One Certification Program, School for Aromatic Studies, 2018.
  • Essential Oil Safety Masterclass, The Tisserand Institute, 2018.
  • Bespoke Perfumery Virtual Masterclass, Online Perfume School, May 2019
  • Essential Oils and Children Workshop, West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, March 2019
  • Creating Fragrance for Skincare Products, Online Perfume School. March 2019
  • Perfume Business Bootcamp, Online Perfume School, February 2019
  • Health Claims and Essential Oils: What you need to know, NAHA, 2019
  • Aromatic Psychodynamics in Skincare, AIA, 2019
  • Moving Towards Evidence-Based Aromatherapy, AIA, 2019
  • Clinical Aromatherapy: Inhalers, Pranayama, and the Polyvagal Theory , NAHA, 2019
  • Cosmetic Formulation, AIA, 2019
  • When to Use Dispersants, Diluents, Antioxidants and Preservatives with Aromatherapy Blending, NAHA, 2018
  • Aromatherapy Blending Considerations, NAHA, 2018
  • Get Dirty with Dude Apothecary Series, School for Aromatic Studies, October 2018
  • Essential Oils to Worry Less Series, School for Aromatic Studies, Sept. 2018
  • Essential Oils and Pregnancy Workshop, School for Aromatic Studies January 2018
  • Aromatherapy & Medicine of the Soul, Aromagnosis Online School (in progress)
  • Natural Product Labeling & FDA Compliance: What You Need to Know, American College of Healthcare Sciences, July 2019.
  • Clinical Aromatherapy Certification Program, School for Aromatic Studies (in progress)

Higher Education

  • BFA in Art History & Studio Arts, Moore College of Art & Design, 2004.
  • MFA in Studio Arts (incomplete), Moore College of Art & Design, 2014-15