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Barbie Garrett

From the time I can remember, I have been touched by the Dark Goddess, Astarte. As the mother I never had, she has helped to guide, protect and mold my reality. Even though I was raised by an extremely strict Southern Baptist family, I found myself practicing magick as a small child and well into my teen years. I could manifest things that I realized other family members and friends could not. I knew I was different and so did those around me and they made sure to make me feel afraid & ashamed of it. It wasn’t until my awakening over a decade ago that I started to lean into the fear and truly learn to develop my gifts of seeing, communicating and even feeling spirits in physical forms. These gifts, with the help of the spirits, made taking control of my own adult reality easier. As I started to dive into the abyss of black magick, I realized that my uniqueness was one to be celebrated, not ashamed or afraid of. Now I am completely obsessed with figuring out the secrets of the ancient ones and how to utilize them to hijack the reality that we now live in and create a better reality for our children's future. Over the last 13 years of practicing witchcraft, I have had many lessons, lost much of my ego and am finding that I have a bit of a different approach to magick and the religions of the occult than most practitioners. There is no right or wrong religion. No god, goddess, angel or demon is evil. Only man can make them such. They are all valid and needed in order for humanity to evolve as we should. True spiritual liberation is to not have society, parental or any other control over what entity any individual works with because they are all parts of us and different ones will resound with different individuals. I hope to help continue to awaken minds and liberate souls as we find that we each are our own God and Goddesses to create any life we wish to have. It all starts from within.

Hail Thine Self is the one and true rule of finding health, wealth and happiness!

Stay kind, be grateful & Hail Thine Self,
Barbie Garrett

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