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Solar Eclipse Personal Manifestation Group Ritual 4/8/24

Solar Eclipse Personal Manifestation Group Ritual 4/8/24

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Solar Eclipse Personal Manifestation Group Ritual deadline to register 4/7 10am east coast time

This is a rare and powerful opportunity to manifest your deepest desires into reality, harnessing the potent energies of an exceptional total solar eclipse. During this eclipse, the Moon will completely cover the Sun, causing a brief period of total darkness along the eclipse's path. What makes this event particularly special is its length and the fact that it occurs during the sun's solar maximum - when solar activity is at its peak. This alignment creates an extraordinary convergence of cosmic forces.

Ritual and Limited Edition Solar Eclipse Benefit Options available to anyon

  • Solar Eclipse necklace $100
  • 1 oz Solar eclipse dirt $50
  • Skull bottle ashes/dirt charm $100

Lamia NightStorm will lead a small team to a location directly in the path of this eclipse totality. There, at the moment of total darkness, they will perform an intensive manifestation ritual focused on bringing participants' wishes into material form. Participants provide their written desires, which Lamia will inscribe on parchment paper and read aloud as the moon's Shadow begins its journey to cover the sun.

As the moon's shadow moves across the sun during the eclipse totality, the height of magical energy will be reached when total darkness is achieved. At this powerful moment, the parchments will be burned in ritual fire, releasing the wishes to manifest into reality as the sun's light returns. The ashes from this work and soil from the site of the ritual will be collected and each participant will receive a small vessel that captures the energy of this moment and delivers it directly to those of you who can not be with us in person. The unique cosmic forces at work during this eclipse provide an unparalleled catalyst for desires to transition from the spiritual into the physical realm.

This is a truly once-in-a-lifetime event to take advantage of one of nature's most mystically charged phenomena. By participating in this group rite led by Lamia's expertise, you can exponentially increase the potential for your wishes to be realized and transform your reality in profound ways.

If they want any very specific spells, sigils, incantations, they can email them to me and I will print it and burn it for them.  This is a portal ritual, I am not calling, speaking, or working with any particular deities during this rite, but if they want to make requests or send messages or prayers to any specific deities, or entities, they will be able to contact anyone and everyone at the same time so there are no concerns about spirit interferences. These are more like we will just be sending the spirits an email or text message from someone else, but I would encourage folks to use this opportunity to really focus on what their life is like now and what they want it to be. This is the time to reshape your entire reality. We can talk to the spirits any other time.

I will need to get the name the person wants me to use during the ritual (It can be their mundane name or magical name). They need to write out what reality or desire they want to manifest., and I will need their mailing address. All of the vessel's will be mailed to participants on April 9th, the day following the eclipse. Please add this to notes during checkout or email 

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