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Past Life & Karmic Readings

Past Life & Karmic Readings

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Jennifer's services, channelling, and divination are on hold until October 2023 after she is finished relocating and getting settled into a new space.

Jennifer has always had a keen ability to see into peoples past lives - even as a small child, she knew she lived many times before and that reincarnation was her first independent spiritual belief and one that has stuck with her for her entire life. Connecting to past life information can help us in our current incarnations to understand our life’s purpose, karmic relationships, and what we can do to learn from those past life experiences.

Please provide a photo with name and date of birth in addition to 3-5 questions you may have or information from prior past life readings that may be relevant.

Results will be delivered via email. Turn around time can be up to 2 weeks.

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