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Margoll's Toxic Energy Transforming Talisman by Barbie Garrett

Margoll's Toxic Energy Transforming Talisman by Barbie Garrett

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Do you need to rid your life of toxic individuals or toxic energy? Does everything seem to be going wrong in your life…or do you have these times within your reality and you wish you had a magickal button to influence the energy surrounding you to change? Or do you have a chaotic relationship in your reality that needs taming? Do you have a project that chaotic energy redirected on the positive energy conversion wings of Margoll can help force forward? Or maybe you simply are tired of Mercury Retrograde's chaos creating hiccups, disasters, arguments, or aggregations in your reality for weeks on end every few months?

The Toxic Energy Transforming Talisman is perfect to help you harness the chaos. It will help transform that chaotic/negative energy into a positive one so that you can thrive on the manifestation to bring forth health, wealth & happiness within your reality by hijacking the chaotic energies and having Margoll. Margoll, the great and mighty scavenger that turns death into life, transforms toxic energy into positive, calming and peaceful energy that tames the retrograde. It also works anytime you feel that the energy within your life has shifted. These shifts can be caused by negative energy being sent your way, curses or just simply negative or hateful thoughts others are throwing at you. Or it can be something that you are unknowingly doing upon yourself. This talisman will cure these issues and give you an immeasurable amount of protection because of this transformative property. Turning toxicity into a power source for you to thrive off of.

Margoll’s Transmutation Talisman:

Barbie has teamed up for another collaboration with the beautiful and talented Elena Lemmy at Limitless Liberations (Etsy shop) to bring another amazingly powerful talisman….a consecrated, ritualized and charged coin that she is calling Margoll’s Transmutation Talisman. This will hold within it all of the properties of this ritual & the spirit of the Turkey Vulture for you to call upon anytime you may need. It is also a great source of power for you to start your shamanic pathworking with Margoll. She is a great teacher of patience, intuition, and peace. It comes ready to use. Simply wear it upon your person and watch your aura literally change because of the positive energy you will be exuding as it absorbs and transforms all negative energy surrounding you.

Introducing the Turkey Vulture, aka the Great & Mighty Margoll:

I personally have been working with the Great Spirit of Margoll for years now to exile toxic relationships from my life and to turn chaotic energy into a calming, positive energy source in order to help develop my skills of perspective, intuition & patience. These developed skills all lead to an immeasurable peace, and when there is peace in your reality you are able to live an enriched and productive life unlike you have ever imagined.

The connection with Margoll:

Turkey vulture spirit animal, aka Margoll, relates to the raptor’s excellent sense of smell. She rides spiral thermals of wind and has the miraculous ability to neutralize lethal diseases. Native to the Americas, turkey vulture is a New World vulture who is connected with the power of the exorcist archetype.

Turkey Vulture’s Discernment

There is an old wives’ tale that if you find a baby bird outside of its nest that you shouldn’t handle it to put it back in the nest. Supposedly the mother bird will smell your scent on the chick and reject it. This is a myth! Most birds have barely any sense of smell. Putting a chick back in the nest is the first course of action in helping a baby bird. If the parents are alive and around, they will get right back to caring for their little one. Turkey vultures, on the other hand, have an excellent sense of smell. A turkey vulture can smell the scent of dead and rotting flesh from miles away. I can’t say for sure that a turkey vulture parent would care or not about human scent on her young – turkey vultures are notoriously bold –, but the vulture is unique in her ability to pick up scents. In spiritual terms, the sense of smell is synonymous with the gift of discernment. Discernment is the ability to sniff out the truth. It is knowing right from wrong. In a mystical sense, discernment is sitting with guidance to attain understanding. To discern something is to look into it and to truly know the nature of it. Which brings things to light that you otherwise may have never known.

The Spiral of Air & Margoll

Margoll, with her ability to smell the wind, helps you sort through your thoughts. Air is symbolic of the mind. Your thoughts can be confusing whirlwinds at times. It can be hard to tell if your mind is making something up or if it is true intuition. Margol rides the currents of the mind and helps you connect to the ground of knowing. Summer is the season of Margoll. She rides with wings extended in a V-shape on thermals of hot air. Hot air rises off the sun-soaked earth in a spiral pattern, and turkey vulture is an expert at catching a ride on this invisible elevator. She circles upwards, teetering and relaxed. She rarely flaps her wings but stays aloft for hours. Her migration between North and South America is spent casually riding these warm breezes. The symbolism of Margoll reminds you to ride the currents of warmth in your own life. Allow yourself to benefit from what life has to offer and let go of the need to work so hard. Let life bring you warmth and sustenance. The currents will carry you where you need to go. Exercise a little patience, relax a bit & allow your perception to align with your overall life enrichment goals.

Another Man’s Treasure

You know what they say about “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” As a scavenger, Margoll is able to sniff out the nourishing gifts laid out like a banquet. We think of carcasses as waste left to rot. But Margoll turns the tragedy of a life lost into the miracle of flight. She lets nothing on the carcass go to waste, and no matter how old the flesh is she will still eat it. She will not turn her nose away from any meal presented and is always hungry for toxicity and death, so that she can bore new life from it.

Margoll reminds you of your own ability to reuse and recycle. We speak of scavengers like they are the lowest of the low, but it is scavengers like Margoll that stem the blight of excess consumerism. Humanity and the planet benefit from practicing scavenging more often. Just asour inner being can benefit from scavenging our emotions with the help of Margoll to turn toxic & chaotic energies around and within us into positive and powerful ones.

The Vultures are Circling

Vultures are common birds of the battlefield and are associated with Ares the Greek god of war. As Jessica Dawn puts it in her book ``Animal Wisdom, “the bird’s function was to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of battle. By extrapolation, vultures can be raised after the struggles are over, to help clean up the mess.” Margoll has an important role in cleaning up ecosystems. Margoll is a scavenger, and she can eat carcasses of animals that are infected with botulism, anthrax, salmonella, and cholera. Her stomach acids kill the bacteria and transmutes the toxins she ingests. Margoll effectively eliminates bacteria and toxins from the environment. She can do the same for your reality. She uses light to cleanse. You can find her perched, her back saluting the sun, and wings held outstretched. She bathes in the ultraviolet, cleansing rays of the sun to bake off harmful bacteria. Her black shiny feathers increase the efficiency of this process. The acidity of her urine has the power to kill bacteria. She pees on her own legs to clear the dangerous microbes she picks up when walking on carcasses. Whenever you are in need of a clean-up crew to decontaminate your own energy field, call on Margoll. She naturally has the ability to transmute the harmful emotions and thoughts that can infect your system. She can clear out the refuse and neutralize negativity leaving a cleansing breeze in her wake.

Vulture Power Animal

Many civilizations have worshiped Margoll. The Inca built enormous monuments to the Andean condor. A sacred bird in Incan cosmology, the condor is symbolic of death and rebirth. Egyptian mythology associates multiple gods and goddesses with Margoll, most notably, Ma’at. The goddess Ma’at weighs the hearts of the dead to determine their fate in the afterlife. Margoll is literally and symbolically associated with death, the afterlife, and resurrection. An awesome ally to call on when you are going through a metaphorical death of your way of life, Margoll can help you digest the experience, especially when there are cosmic energies forcing these deaths upon us and come out stronger and clearer on the other side.

This Coin was consecrated during the Full Moon of September 2022 which was also the Harvest Moon and during Mercury Retrograde. These are the additional energies of why I chose this time to consecrate these coins, as well as create my F*ck Off and Find out Spray & Oil (also available in my store).

The cosmic details of the upcoming month:

Let’s all take a deep breath and collectively brace ourselves for the realization that we are officially entering the final third of 2022. Between the last sparkles of summer and the first flickers of fall, September is a month full of major vibe shifts — and yes, it includes another

Mercury retrograde period, too. You’re going to want to buckle your cosmic seatbelt and give yourself a heads-up on the major astrological events of September 2022.

We kick off the month in the midst of Virgo season 2022, and this practical-minded energy sets the perfect stage for an end-of-summer clean-up job. Expect a vibe shift once the sun enters

Libra, heralding in both Libra season and the autumn equinox. Like the sun, our resident romance planet Venus will also be transiting through Virgo for most of the month, then dipping into Libra during the final days of September which will have pull over us as well.

We also enter the month with a whole lot of retrograde energy, which will only get more intenseas the days go on. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are already back spinning, and communication planet Mercury will join the party on Sept. 9. We’re also slowly but surely inching toward the powerful Mars retrograde that will dominate the last couple months of this year.

While that backspin doesn’t begin until Oct. 30, Mars will officially enter its pre-retrograde shadow period on Sep. 3 — meaning that some of the themes we’ll be dealing with during the retrograde may start to emerge, and foreshadowing is taking place.

End-Of-Summer Virgo Vibes

The first few weeks of September make up the majority of Virgo season 2022, which has us focused on organization, overall wellness, and drilling down into the details of our routines. As we wrap up the summer, Virgo season’s energy can inspire us to tidy up our homes, clean up our calendars, or cleanse ourselves of relationships that are no longer serving us. Aligning yourself with Margol & the Retrograde can make cleaning the dust out of every corner of your life a peaceful process, instead of the chaos that we are used to during these energy shifts.

This will lead to entering autumn with all your goals in alignment for your happy, healthy and wealthy reality to form.

How it affects your love life:

It is not just the sun lighting up Virgo’s slice of the zodiac this month. On Sept. 5, the love and value-oriented planet Venus will join the sun in Virgo, adding a bit of elegance and refinement to the current cosmic cocktail. With Venus in Virgo for a few weeks, it increases our mental clarity to find more self-love, so we’ll be feeling a little more discerning about our romantic conquests — which could look like upping our standards in a current relationship or simply being choosier about who’s getting swiped right on.

Are you tired of the chaotic Retrograde Experience? Let’s change that this time and use this chaos energy to create peace in your reality…

Mercury Retrograde Begins on Sept. 9

Mercury retrograde is making a much-maligned comeback on Sept. 9 (as the full moon starts its phase), so if you don’t align yourself with these energies and a source to take toxicity to positivity, brace yourself for three and a half weeks of retrograde antics. Mercury rules logistical matters such as communication, technology, timing, and so much more — so its retrograde periods can be especially obnoxious, as they can cause delays and ask us to slow down to review things in all of these areas.

The retrograde kicks off in socially forward Libra, which gives us an early taste of Libra season energy, albeit a wonky one. This is a time to review matters pertaining to partnerships — whether that means addressing old issues in romantic relationships or renegotiating contracts in business. Since we are usually brought opportunities in life by those, we surround ourselves with, this could affect friendships as well.

What is a retrograde and how it affects us:

The term ‘retrograde’ comes from the fact that the planet appears to be moving backwards as all planets do (apart from the sun and moon). When mercury is retrograde, it is known to signify a period of miscommunication, tech glitch and mishap. Computers freeze and play up; mechanics and appliances break down. travel plans go wrong, and things are lost in the mail. There are potentially mix ups, delays, errors, glitches, confusion and general chaos. There are blocks, delays and is generally a slow-moving energy. This can be a very chaotic and frustrating time if you don’t align your energies to benefit from this energy.

A Mystical Harvest Moon on Sept. 10

All of this takes place under a very mystical Harvest Moon. September’s full moon is taking place on Saturday, Sept. 10 in the ethereal and emotional sign of Pisces. It also happens to be this year’s Harvest Moon, aka the full moon that occurs in closest proximity to the autumn

equinox. This is the final full moon of the summer, so it’s a beautiful time to bring all of the season’s fantasies to fruition and “harvest” the magic of your manifestations. Adding to the mystical energy is the full moon’s conjunction with numinous planet Neptune, which casts a dreamy haze over this lunation. A positive connection to unpredictable planet Uranus could sprinkle some sudden climaxes or revelations into our lunar experiences too, so expect the unexpected.

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