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Luciferian Rose Perfume

Luciferian Rose Perfume

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A delicate floral bouquet of Rose, Ylang Ylang, and Baby Powder with a spicy resonance of Dragon's Blood, Incense Smoke, and Gun Metal.

Fragrance Details
Essential Oils in Perfume Blend: Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Fragrances in Perfume Blend: Rose, Baby Powder, Dragons Blood, Incense Smoke, Gun Metal

Perfume Bases
Eaux de parfum are created using denatured "Perfumers" Alcohol as a base.

​Perfume oils use jojoba oil as the base and include crystal chips

Product Safety Warning
Ylang Ylang can cause skin sensitization

Materials: ylang ylang essential oil,rose fragrance oil,baby powder fragrance oil,dragons blood fragrance oil,gun metal fragrance oil,incense smoke fragrance oil
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