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Heart of Lilith Perfume

Heart of Lilith Perfume

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Heart of Lilith is from our infernal fragrance line and is an aromatic blend of correspondences associated with Lilith including floral notes of blue lotus, peonies, orchids, and poppies, and earth notes of mugwort and oakmoss with a hint of vanilla.

Fragrance Details
Blue Lotus Essential Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Mugwort Essential Oil, Oakmoss Fragrance, Orchid Fragrance, Peony Fragrance, Sunshine Poppies Fragrance, Vanilla Essential Oil, Red Jasper

Product Safety Warning
Mugwort Essential Oil should be avoided during pregnancy and nursing

Materials: Blue Lotus Essential Oil,Jasmine Absolute,Mugwort Essential Oil,Oakmoss Fragrance,Orchid Fragrance,Peony Fragrance,Sunshine Poppies Fragrance,Vanilla Essential Oil,Red Jasper
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