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Distance Crystal Healing Session

Distance Crystal Healing Session

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Jennifer's services, channelling, and divination are on hold until October 2023 after she is finished relocating and getting settled into a new space.


Jennifer is a Crystal Healer and Reiki Master with training in Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Shamanic Reiki. She combines energy work modalities with eclectic witchcraft practices and technology to bring a unique form of crystal healing suitable for anyone. Sessions last about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the clients needs. She offers live sessions over skype or zoom or pre-recorded video sessions that can be viewed at anytime to receive the reiki benefit.

Note: if doing a pre-recorded session I will need your name and a photograph to connect with you.


“I was feeling rather unsettled that day and could not find a quiet moment to relax and go inwards, as something was nagging me from the inside and kept me in an alerted mode, apprehending my ability to get into a transcendental state of mind through meditation. Jennifer's crystal healing service was the right pick up from that low point, as I could feel almost immediate relief and calmness as she was casting her energy with the powers of the crystals. I could feel how a golden light of healing nature was flowing throughout my energetic body, resulting in a relaxed and transcendental state of mind. I was very pleased with her service and will surely book it again in the future.” - NW

Materials: crystals

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