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Astral Services from Vanessa Diamond (House Cleansing, Protection, Curse Removal, and Divination)

Astral Services from Vanessa Diamond (House Cleansing, Protection, Curse Removal, and Divination)

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Vanessa Diamond's Astral services are custom tailored to each cllients needs and can include  any or all of the following:

  • Remote house cleansing
  • Spirit communication and relocation (if necessary)
  • Removal of negative attachments
  • Creating spiritual protection
  • Scrying and divination
  • Curse removal

We will not take on jobs where services may be used to harm or harass a child, to force someone to be in your life, or to cause harm out of hate towards any general group.  All cursing and hexing will be done with efforts to minimize collateral damage to others around the target.

Please note that per Vanessa's request: all correspondences will be done via email or a text based chat program like WhatsApp or GoogleChat as not all apps and platforms have workable accessibility features. She does not do video chat and we do not give out our personal phone numbers for phonecalls.  

Vanessa Diamond has been a practitioner for seventeen years, and currently specializes in astral and glamor magic.  Mostly self-taught, her style is intuitive and somewhat unconventional.  She is known for spirit communication and identification, remote cleansing, readings, candle rituals, and dark magic.  She works with almost any type of spirit, from gods to demons, elementals to the dead.



Service Packages Available

  • 1 hour: $60.  Includes a consult and written report.  Sigigls, readings, astral work.
  • 2 hours: $120.  Includes consult and written report.  Sigils, astral work, readings, candle magic.
  • 3 hours: $180.  Includes consult and written final report.  Sigils, astral work, readings, more involved candle rituals beyond the basic, multistage projects.


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