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Astral Divination and Channeling Service

Astral Divination and Channeling Service

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Jennifer's services, channelling, and divination are on hold until October 2023 after she is finished relocating and getting settled into a new space.

Jennifer is an astute and highly talented magickal practitioner who has done extensive work through astral travel, soul travel, and spirit communication in the astral realm. She is highly practiced in deep meditation and astral travel techniques that allow her to work and communicate with numerous dark goddesses and demonic spirits. This is a more advanced service that the oracle readings for guidance.

Her Astral Divination and Channeling service will help you answer questions from the spirits if you are having trouble communicating or don’t know where to start.

For this service, she requires a specific question or area where you are seeking divination and channeling and if there are any particular spirits that you would like this information to come from. Most communications of information are done after the channeling session as it can take a few hours or multiple attempts to get the questions asked, especially if it is with an entity that she does not work with regularly.

She works primarily with the following:

* Lucifer
* Lilith
* Astarte
* Hecate
* Santisima Muerte
* Shemyaza
* Satan
* Belial
* Azazel
* Abaddon
* Lucifuge Rofocale
* Asmodeus
* Beelzebub
* Bael
* The Morrigan
* Mammon

Her working relationships allow her access to work with other demons and spirits as well as an intermediary between the physical and astral realms. Upon completion of her work for the client she will provide a detailed report of all communications and suggestions channeled through deep meditation and astral travel. Be sure to visit Jennifer’s YouTube Channel for videos on working with demons and dark spirits, using entheogenic herbs for spirit communication, and astral travel.

Correspondence upon completion will be sent via email including photo of selected cards provided unless done by video chat.

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