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Astarte's Amulet of Empowerment by Barbie Garrett

Astarte's Amulet of Empowerment by Barbie Garrett

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The Amulet is Pewter for its Saturnian properties as well as to minimize allergies. The necklace

is a fully adjustable black cord. Consecrated with the blood of a sacrifice to the Goddess Astarte and blessed with her power.

Behold the Personal Empowerment, Self Confidence, Sexual Freedom, and Protection that Astarte bestows upon each and every wearer by adorning her Goddess of Love & War sigil created by Barbie Garrett!

Who is Astarte?

Astarte is the Goddess of Love and War. She is a fierce power that can not be controlled or contained. Legend says that she was mortal and Shemyaza fell to Earth because he fell in love with her beauty and Divine power. He took his wings off and gave them to her. He then deified her by mass sacrifice in order to rise to the heavens and become a Goddess. She has a fierce sense of justice and brings truths and injustices to life. This power gives the wearer the ability to sift out those that would harm them (usually by the perpetrator's own words and actions). She is the protector of the innocent - especially women and children!

Sigil or Technology?

Astarte is the only God/Goddess to divine her own sigil. This sigil is a piece of technology that Barbie has discovered, has the ability to transfer energy from person to person through it. This makes this talisman highly powerful. You can pull from the power of Astarte and pull positive or negative energy through it in order to use within your own workings. Consecrated in both sacrificial blood as well as Slut Water.

What is a slut?

Ever seen a sexually confident man or woman and found yourself envious of the ease in which good things seem to happen to them? We may refer to those men or women as sluts! I personally don’t see them as sexually promiscuous - I see them as people that have found a way to find sexual confidence no matter what obstacles, hate, envy or jealousy is thrown their

way. They are rock stars in my eyes!!

Why would you want to be a slut?

If only you could get past your insecurities, anxiety, past traumas, depression, etc - You could be a Slut too!! We all have these issues at some point in our lives. Be it that we have past traumas to overcome, we gained a bit of weight when we got older or had a baby (or 2 or 3) and have lost love for ourselves somewhere along the way of changing diapers and singing Daddy Shark or maybe you just want a little extra something to spice up the bedroom and make your mate lust for you more. We all lose ourselves along the way sometimes and need to regain that special confidence. Or maybe you have always struggled with self-confidence and self-love! No matter the reason - Slut Water is the answer!!

I do suggest performing your own ritual or meditation with the amulet once you receive it and placing some form of your dna onto the piece. By doing this, you will become quantumly entangled with the energy of Astarte.

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