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Asaruludu's Perfect Protection Elixir by Barbie Garrett

Asaruludu's Perfect Protection Elixir by Barbie Garrett

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Some highlights of the ritual and energies bestowed upon this perfect protections elixir:

Who is Asaruludu:

In Sumerian and Akkadian mythology, Asaruludu is one of the Anunnaki. His name is also spelled Asarludu, Asarluhi, and Namshub. Asaruludu served as an exorcist in Sumerian religious rituals. As Namshub (shining), he is considered a protective deity, "the shining god that illuminates our path". The Enuma Elish describes Asaruludu as "the light of the gods". The Simon Necronomicon states he is "the wielder of the flaming sword" and "ensures the most perfect safety".

Asaruludu’s Description in the Simon Necronomicon:

The Seventh Name is ASARULUDU.

Wielder of the Flaming Sword oversees the Race of Watchers at the bidding of the Elder Gods. He ensures the most perfect safety, especially in dangerous tasks undertaken at the behest of the Astral Gods, his Word is BANMASKIM.

Like the Angel in Genesis, this Spirit protects a place, a home or temple, from negative psychic and magickal attacks. Like the Sixth Spirit, merely the pronunciation of his Word BANMASKIM is sufficient to dispel hostile influences when shouted to the four quarters. Maskim and Rabisu are the names of ancient Sumerian demons.

How to summon Asaruludu:

Simply hold the piece in your right hand and state the following as best you can: Asaruludu adalah salah satu dari Anunnaki dalam agama Sumeria dan mitologi Akkadia. Namanya juga dieja Asarludu, Asarluhi, dan Namshub. Etimologi dan arti namanya tidak jelas.[1] Asaruludu berperan sebagai pengusir setan dalam ritual keagamaan Sumeria.[1] Namshub berarti bersinar dan ia dianggap sebagai dewa pelindung. Enuma Elis menggambarkan Asaruludu sebagai "cahaya para dewa". Versi lain menyatakan dia adalah "pengguna pedang yang bercahaya" dan "memastikan keamanan yang paling sempurna"

Additional energies called forth during the consecration ritual:

Summon forth the Trifecta of Protective Goddesses:

Astarte, Medusa & Lilith will then be called within the fire to stand as witnesses and to lend their energies.

Astarte because she is the Goddess of Love & War. I find her to have a well-defined sense of justice. With her bull horns adorned upon her head, her shield and sword amidst her body armor, and her loving embrace, she is one of the absolute best allies to have when wanting protection as she will never steer you in a bad direction but is great at navigating your reality to quick alternative solutions. As the Goddess of fertility, she can rebirth new realities, creating changes, revealing truths, and navigating your reality around the snakes and weasels within it that will only be distractions and wish to do you harm.

Medusa to lend her energy of turning your enemies to stone. As a rape victim turn monster, Medusa holds a great deal of power on the astral plane. She has morphed into a champion of those that are victimized, turning the perpetrators to stone with just a single glance. Her energies are designated for retaliation in this ritual and she will hold space over you in order to turn anyone that attacks you to stone - freezing them in their path.

The mother of all demons, Lilith will bring in her energies on her strong winds and fierce storm. She is a banner for power, authenticity, and the act of reclaiming parts of ourselves that are vital for survival. Like the screech owl for whom Lilith is named, Her screech cannot be silenced. In her rage, she stands ready to fight for those that have been judged, humiliated, provokingly attacked or cast out. She comes in on the waters of the red sea that is that of the creator's womb to soothe the rage within the client and replace it with comfort and confidence.

Summoning in the Master Animal Spirits:

Owl: Its claws are covered with feathers, much like the legs of a baby cat. It is carnivorous, so it can be a fierce warrior if challenged, or if something close to it is threatened. This night walking animal has a predatory vision that enables it to see clearly and to be alert at all times. The Owl’s feathers are very soft thereby allowing it to fly silently. Due to its ability to see in darkness, and its sharp sense of hearing, it is a perfect assistant to the sorcerers. These birds give the sorcerer the ability to see the truth without any kind of veils. This is achieved through an intense gaze capable of penetrating into the depths of hearts to discover the hidden secrets.

Cardinal: The redness of the male cardinal instills feelings of heat, urge, and vitality which can be found in us, even if there is the chill and coldness of the snow. They are more vigorous in maintaining the limits of their dominion and will often give a good battle once this authority is challenged. The bird instills good pride which is the exact opposite of the base type. It inspires us to conduct ourselves in a more dignified manner; to be more noble and graceful in everything that we do. It teaches us to do and be more than what the average person can be when it comes to acts which have a moral bearing on us and on the people around us.

King Snake: The King Snake is the king of all snakes. They are not poisonous but can eat a poisonous snake - devouring those that weasel their way within your safe space. In the Chinese calendar snakes move quietly among people exuding a magnetic energy, they are always well mannered and dignified. Snakes have a tendency to make snap decisions and rarely sit on the fence, being quite definitive in their attitude and outlook. These are all qualities that calling forth the King Snake within this ritual is to bestow upon the client.

The Spider Goddess:

The Master spirit of the Spider is whom I call the Spider Goddess. This entity is fierce and protective of its home. Camouflaged and hidden, waiting to devour its prey that comes within its web. This is the mightiest of protection properties - patience. Patience is extremely important in defense of self.

Through much experimentation, I have developed a sigil as well as a command word that is called out when an attack is needed and I bestow this gift of patience, camouflaged, and fierce protection upon the wearer of this pendant. These energies of revenge, retaliation and protection have been enchanted upon this piece.
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