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Satan Spirit Necklace

Satan Spirit Necklace

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Purpose or Intention

Lamia NightStorm's consecrated spirit protection necklaces can grant the wearer protection provided by the entity they were made for and can also provide an open link for communication or communion with that entity while you are wearing the necklace.

Satan, often seen as the embodiment of opposition, represents the challenging force that tests one's resolve and strength. This necklace, bearing the essence of Satan, serves as a symbol of personal sovereignty and the power of self-determination. It is for those who dare to question, to seek their own path, and to embrace their individuality against conformity. Wearing this necklace is a declaration of the wearer's courage to stand against the tide, to uphold personal truths, and to honor their unique journey. It is a talisman for transformation, encouraging the wearer to shed old skins, to rise from the ashes of their trials, and to assert their will with unyielding conviction. 

Our Creation Process

Please note that while these deities are from different parts of the world, some are also worked with in closed practices. None of these necklaces are based on anything contained within those closed practices. All the colors, patterns and numerology used are ones I selected based on the way I personally work with these deities. This is intentional out of respect for the closed practices that have specific colors, numbers and patterns associated with these entities. Please have respect for the ancestors and living descendants of the entities you choose to work with. The deities may choose to work with sincere practitioners if you approach them with respect, but they will not tolerate disrespect for their deceased or living devotees and if you choose to work with any entity from a closed practice, take care to respect the people and culture the entity comes from, or they may work against you and not with you.


If you have any questions about the necklaces, you can contact Lamia at

Instructions for use:

More than one necklace can be worn at the same time, but you should make sure you do not wear necklaces for spirits with conflicting energies or conflicting realms of influence at the same time.

If the necklace breaks, it means the spirit has blocked something harmful from harming you in some way. If this happens, you should collect as many beads as possible and offer them to the spirit with thanks. You can bury the beads, throw them in running water or put them in something on your altar that is specifically for that spirit, but the beads should not be restrung into a new necklace.

Product specifications: Each necklace is approximately 30 inches in length and can be wrapped and worn as bracelets as well. Our consecrated spirit protection necklaces have been specially washed with magical herbs to cleanse and empower them and then they have been consecrated to the specific deity. Custom necklaces can be made for any spirit you like that are not listed here, but will require an additional five days to create, wash, and consecrate them before they will be available to be shipped out.

Product Safety Warning: Keep out of reach of babies, small children, or pets as it may present a choking hazard if pulled around the neck or swallowed.


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