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Road Opener Loose Incense

Road Opener Loose Incense

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Incense Purpose or Intention

Road Opener Incense is used to attend to specific obstacles, the challenges faced to clear the path in order to pave the way for good things to come. 

Our Creation Process

Belladonna’s Botanicals Ritual Powders are created to be used by anyone regardless of skill level or tradition. For that reason, we do not include specific spells or rituals because everyone's practices are different. We encourage you to find spells and rituals that suit your needs online via Google or YouTube or in any witchcraft related books you may have on hand. 

Each incense blend is a handcrafted blend of botanicals, herbs, resins, essential oils, fragrances, and other materials including a binding agent and distilled water. Unlike burning a combination of herbs on their own, our method blends each aroma for a fragrant ritual experience. 

Video about our creation process: 

How to Use Loose Incense Blends

Add desired amount of incense to a ceramic incense burner, mini cauldron or other type of heat resistant container with a lit charcoal tablet. Burn incense to fill the space with fragrant smoke.

Charcoal tablets can make the incense burner extremely hot. You may want to line the bottom with incense sand. Use tongs to light the charcoal tablets with a lighter or over a lit candle.

Video: Different Types of Incense and the Ways to Use Them:

Product Specifications

Each incense packet contains approximately 1 oz (weight) of the blend.

*Note for Etsy and Amazon customers, we carry a much wider selection of products on our website

Product Safety Warning: 

Use in a well ventilated area.Sometimes due to the amount of incense smoke it can trigger smoke detectors.

Use caution if pregnant or nursing, keep away from children and pets, do not ingest.

If you have allergies or are concerned about ingredients, please contact us first before purchasing. 


  1. By law, Belladonna’s Botanicals make no medicinal or magical claims our magical products as sold as a curiosity “curio” only. These  products are for entertainment and educational purposes only. By ordering any of these products, you are stating that you are responsible for yourself, your actions, and the results of said products. Purchasing flying ointments and any other products from Belladonna’s Botanicals signifies your acceptance of these statements and releases Belladonna’s Botanicals from any and all liability. 
  2. Legally, we here at Belladonna's Botanicals are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose, treat, write prescriptions, or give medical advice for medical issues regarding therapeutic or magical use of our products. The following has not been evaluated by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and is for educational purposes only. Please note that healing spells or healing energy work are considered complementary alternative medicine by the FDA and not a substitute for traditional medical treatments.
  3. The FDA has not evaluated the statements on this website. No claims are made by Belladonna’s Botanicals as to the medicinal value of any essential oils, herbal or other products sold on this website. The information presented here is for education purposes only on the magical and traditional uses of essential oils and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You are responsible for understanding the safe application of these products.
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Materials: Distilled Water,Gum Tragacanth,Lemon Balm,Lemongrass,Sage,Cedar,Cinquefoil,Vetivert,Sweet Basil,Rue,Palmarosa Essential Oil,Sweet Orange Essential Oil,Lemongrass Essential Oil

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