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Florida Water Ritual Bath Salts

Florida Water Ritual Bath Salts

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Our Florida Water Ritual Bath Salt blend is based on the popular spiritual and energy cleansing floral water that was an American version of the French Cologne Water that was introduced in the US in the early 1800s. e. Florida Water is used for energetic cleansing of the body in spiritual baths and protects from negative energy and spirits.

Spiritual or ritual baths are used in many traditions for purification and to connect physical and spiritual energies in order to harmonize them towards a specific intention. Packet contains 5 oz (weight of the bath salt blend)

​To use: Add desired amount to warm bath water. There is no need to boil them first or do anything additionally to prepare them for use. The amount used can range from 1-2 tablespoons per bath over a course of a few days to using the entire bag at once.

If you do not have a bath tub or are concerned about the botanicals and herbs clogging the drain, you can add them to a muslin tea bag or organza bag. If showering, you can attach the bag to the showerhead and let the salts wash over you.

Please use caution that bath salts containing black lava salt can stain the tub afterwards and it can be wiped off with a cloth or sponge.

During the bath ritual you can recite prayers, incantations or meditate upon your intentions. You can also include crystals, incense, or additional ritual oils for your bath experience.

To learn how to use ritual bath products: please visit my YouTube channel for an instructional video on how to do so:

Product Details:
✺ Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Sea Salt helps cleanse, heal and balance energy, while repelling negative vibrations.
✺ Epsom Salt promotes relaxation and helps to relieve pain and muscle tension. ​
✺ Jojoba Oil is an excellent emollient for the skin and carrier for the essential oils in the blend.
✺ Florida Water is our own blend of the floral water
✺ Peppermint increases the vibrations of spaces or spells used for healing and purification.
✺ Rosemary is used for protection, exorcisms, purification, healing, and cleansing of sacred spaces and ritual objects.
✺ Rose Petals are used for matters of love and protection.
✺ Jasmine Flowers invoke, love, balance, and harmony.
✺ Orange peel energize the aura and symbolize joy and prosperity.
✺ Garden Sage is used in smudging for aura cleansing, protection, and purification purposes to dispel negative energies.
✺ Star Anise is used to drive away negativity and to bring good luck and to ward off the evil eye.
✺ Cinnamon bark are used for protection, banishing, and purification adding a powerful addition to healing spells.
✺ Lavender Flowers are healing and protective and used for love spells and aura cleansing.
✺ Lemon peel energize the aura, provides protection and purification, and aids in banishing negative energies.
✺ Clove Buds act as a catalyst when combined with other herbs and are used when force or power is required to banish hostie or negative energies.
✺ Lime Essential Oil energize the aura focusing on love, luck, and banishing negative energies.
✺ Frankincense Essential Oil is used for its purifying and protective properties and is used to consecrate sacred spaces.
✺ Bergamont FCF Essential Oil energizes the aura and is used for protection from evil, illness, and interference,
✺ Ylang Ylang Essential Oil dispels feelings of jealousy and to promote self-love, and soothes frustrations.
✺ Sandalwood Essential Oil is used to dispel fears and negative energies bringing forth healing, peace, and wisdom.
✺ Jasmine Absolute invokes, love, balance, and harmony.
✺ Grapefruit Essential Oil is cleansing and purifying helping to dispel jealousy, envy, sadness, bitterness, and frustration
✺ Rose Fragrance is harmonizing and used to aid in letting go of the past, dispelling fear, sadness, grief, and regrets.
✺ Sweet Orange Essential Oil energize the aura and symbolize joy and prosperity.

Product Safety Warning
✺ Use caution if pregnant or nursing

Materials: Orange Lemon and Lime Peels,Rose Absolute and Red Rose Petals,Grapefruit Essential Oil,Jasmine Absolute and Jasmine Flowers,Sandalwood Essential Oil,Ylang Ylang Essential Oil,Bergamot FCF Essential Oil,Frankincense Essential Oil,Fresh Sage Mint and Rosemary,Star Anise Allspice Cinnamon Sticks Cloves,Lavender Flowers,Salts,Jojoba Oil
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