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Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails

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Purpose or Intention

Coffin nails have a rich history and symbolism in various magical and folk traditions, particularly in practices related to protection, binding, and hexing.

Historically, coffin nails were used in funerary practices, literally nailing down the lid of a coffin to secure the deceased within. This act of containment and finality became associated with magical practices of binding, trapping, or laying something to rest. In folk magic traditions, such as hoodoo and Appalachian folk magic, coffin nails are commonly used in jinx removal, curse-breaking, and banishing rituals. The act of driving a coffin nail into the ground, a poppet, or a representation of the target is believed to metaphysically "nail down" or bind negative influences, curses, or unwanted entities.

Coffin nails can also be used in hexing and cursing practices, with the intention of binding or restricting the target's actions, luck, or well-being. However, it's important to note that such practices should be approached with caution and ethical consideration.

Our Creation Process

Our coffin nails have been collected and prepared by Lamia NightStorm

Instructions for use:

Coffin nails can be used in various ways: Protection and Banishing: Drive a coffin nail into the ground at the four corners of your property or home to create a protective barrier, banishing negative energies and unwanted influences.

Curse-Breaking: Use a coffin nail to symbolically "nail down" and break a curse or hex that has been placed upon you or a loved one.

Binding: In certain traditions, coffin nails can be used to bind or restrict the actions of someone who may be causing harm or interference in your life.

Laying to Rest: Symbolically "nail down" and lay to rest negative thought patterns, addictions, or unhealthy relationships by driving a coffin nail into a representation of the issue.

Product specifications

Each packet included five (5) coffin nails plus a pinch of dirt used in the creation process.

It's important to note that the use of coffin nails should be approached with respect and caution, as they are powerful symbolic tools. Customers should research and understand the ethical implications and potential consequences before engaging in any magical practices involving coffin nails.

Product Safety Warning: Keep out of reach of babies, small children, or pets as it may present a choking hazard if pulled around the neck or swallowed. Use caution when handling soasto not cut or puncture your skin.


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