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Battlefield/Hallowed Ground Dirt

Battlefield/Hallowed Ground Dirt

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Purpose or Intention

Battlefield/Hallowed Ground Dirt is useful for any kind of offensive or defensive magic. It is very strong and will amplify the effectiveness of any protective or baneful magic working. It is useful for working where you feel you need extra protection or defense or to amplify the intensity of you offensive spells.

Dirt holds a secret power that has been utilized in magical practices for centuries. Dirt is a very common ingredient used in rootwork, which harnesses the energy and essence of a location to create powerful spells and rituals.

Dirt, commonly found beneath our feet and often overlooked, possesses a unique connection to the energies of the location it comes from. This property allows practitioners to tap into its hidden potential and channel its energies for various magical purposes. From casting spells for protection, abundance, and fertility to necromancy, curses and hexes, dirt offers a diverse range of magical applications.
Dirt represents the connection between the physical realm and the spiritual realm, acting as a bridge between these two planes of existence. By working with dirt, practitioners can tap into the energy of the place it came from to strengthen their magical workings.

Dirt symbolizes nourishment and transformation, but it also symbolizes death since anything and everything that is born and dies on this plant eventually returns again to the soil.
Different types of dirt are used in different ways due to their unique properties. These soils are utilized in diverse rituals and spells to harness specific energies and invoke desired outcomes.

Our Creation Process

Lamia only collects dirt after bartering with and paying the spirits on the land where the dirt was gathered from. Dirt is collected in an intentional manner and is already primed to be used in magical workings. All of her dirt is collected after doing divination, gaining permission and giving offerings to the spirits of the land. The spirits are informed of the purpose for the collection and have agreed to lend their energy to the magical workings done with the dirt. These steps are performed to assure any negative or unwanted energies from the collected dirt does not interfere with your working. By gaining permission and giving payment, it ensures that the dirt is imbued with positive intentions and ready for use in spellwork or other magical practices. Most of Lamia's dirt is collected on or near the New Moon and most often done in October as the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, but it may be collected at other times of the year if necessary.

  Read Lamia's article on the Magical Power of Dirt on

How to Use Magical Dirt

Instructions for use: Dirt can be used in a number of ways, but typically you can just spinkle it in or on what ever you are working on, similar to the manner in which you would incorporate herbs that you are not burning. It can be added to poppets, jars, oils, tintures, charms, talismans, and many other items. You can bury items in it or add it to your plants to imbue them with the magical properties of the soil as they will take on some of those energetic properties. While dirt is typically not toxic, it is not recommended for any sort of human or animal consumption.

Product specifications: Most magical dirt comes in 1 oz weight packets or 1/2 ounce packets if extremely rare and hard to procure.  If you are interested in larger quantities, please drop us a line and we can explore possibilities.

Product Safety Warning: No specific safety precautions, but with collected soil it can include leaves, twigs, stones, or other naturally occurring materials.


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