Witchy Haul November 2023

Witchy Haul November 2023

Jennifer's November 2023 witchy haul video on recent acquistions including crystals, tarot/oracle decks, candles, and other occult items. These were from recent purchases at local shops and events in addition to online purchases.

Crystals: Aura Dream Amethyst, Quantum quattro, Lemurian jade, Labradorite moon/heart, Dendritic opal, Ocean Jasper, Jasper tower

Ritual Items: Crystal cauldron, Brighter days candle, 11/11 Intention candle with rose quartz, Accelerate Intention Candle, Carved box for manifestation, Santa Muerte Candle, Tobacco Cologne, Multicolor drip candles, Crystal heart stands

Tarot/Oracle Decks: Tarot of Dreams, Gothic Oracle, Female Archangels Oracle

Jewelry: Septarian Pendant, Labradorite and prehnite necklace, Belladonna plant spirit rosary, Flower agate pendant, Mooakite bracelet

Poison Path: Fly Agaric capsules, Belladonna flying ointment, Deadly nightshade berries, Peyote flower essence, Wolfsbane flower essence

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