Our Statement on AI Generated Content

Our Statement on AI Generated Content

Belladonna's Botanicals does not and will not knowingly use AI generated "art, video, or writing" content as part of our business model.

We recognize that AI "Art, Video, and Writing" is insulting to most artists and writers.

We choose to support actual artists and writers by NOT sharing funny AI garbage or using the plagarism engines to make fake AI schlock as part of our businesses content.

BB was founded by Jennifer who holds a BFA in Studio Arts & Art History with over three decades of experience and hopes that someone finds a way to insult YOUR years of education and training, degrees, talent, and expertise and then rubs your nose in it everyday the same way artists and writers are being overwhelmed with AI generated "art and writing" - every day.

We are taking a stand with our fellow creatives and opting out of the AI hype and encourage you all to do the same.

Sharing AI Art, Video, and Writing creates an overwhelming signal to noise ratio in which actual artists and writers work are constantly devalued and buried in the ooh shiny of AI generated imagery.

It becomes harder and harder for small businesses who use paid stock image services and other tools and websites to ensure their content is not plagarizing others work as they are now all overun with AI generated content and features.

If you find my message insulting. Good. Be more insulted and take that to heart. This is how artists, designers, and writers feel every day when we are on online.
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