Working with Shemyaza (Samyaza/Semyaza) Into a New Aeon of Gnosis & Exploration

Working with Shemyaza (Samyaza/Semyaza) Into a New Aeon of Gnosis & Exploration

Working with Shemyaza beyond the “master key” and its associations with certain magicians and occult groups is a topic that came up with a client and others about how one persons deep association with an entity and their gnosis can mar that entity. I worked extensively with Shemyaza back in 2020-21 and as evidenced in some of the earlier videos linked below and had some amazing experiences and personal gnosis pertaining to my own magical workings, an unknown channeled language (that I have done for 30 years), past lives, working with primordial energies and entities and then I just stopped by late 2021 due to the associations with accessing Shemyaza using the master key sigil that some of us on the left hand path are familiar with. For me (and others as well) we feel that that energy has become tainted by the person who originally channeled it. Recently, I decided to revisit working with Shemyaza due to some recent developments with the secret channeled language and delving into some of the interpretations of them as well. Things happen for a reason right?

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(I no longer carry a full Shemyaza product line - but items can be special ordered. I believe Elena no longer creates products using the Master Key as well. There are other sigils for Shemyaza available.)

*This is the link to the Angelarium book(s) I showed in the video:

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