Witchy Haul January 2024

Witchy Haul January 2024

Jennifer shows off her latest witchy purchases including crystals, jewelry, books, and ritual tools!

Crystals & Jewelry: Mookaite, Cherry Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Stitchite & Vesuvianite, Persephone’s Tiara with Almandine Garnet and Smoky Quartz

Ritual Tools: 432 hx Titanium Aura Tuning Fork and Activator, Peacock tealights and candle holders, Power & Passion Wax Melts, Asmoday Medallion, Pentacle of Solomon Altar Cloth, Circle of Solomon sticker, brass jewelry box, 7 day candles, prosperity candles,

Books and Cards: Writual Yule Sabbat Workbook, Crystal Fragrance and Herbs Encyclopedia, Dukanté Daemonic Sigil Divination Cards, Death Daemonic Divination & Ritual Cards

Misc: Mushroom tumbler, mosaic bowl, and string of hearts plant

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