Witchy Haul April/May 2024

Witchy Haul April/May 2024

Jennifer's Witchy Haul for April and May 2024 including crystals, books, and ritual tools.

Crystals: Blue fluorite with pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue/Purple Aura quartz, Aura rose quartz, Mooakite pyramid, Fluroite wand

Ritual Tools: Evil eye talisman, Grounding and centering candle, Heart necklace, Skeleton dude, Goetia tarot deck, Valefor medallion


Lake of Fire - S. Connolly
Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonic Magick - S. Connolly
Demonolatry Monograph I and II - S. Connolly
Sigils & Enns Altar book - S. Connolly
The Preeminent Curse - S. Connolly
Infernal Colopatiron - S. Connolly
Sanctus Quattuordecim - M. Delaney
Pocket Guide to Spirit Animals - Dr. Steven Farmer
Heptameron or magical elements of peter de albano philosopher
Practical alchemy: A guide to the great work -Brian Cotnoir
Qabbalistic Concepts: Living the Tree - William G. Grey

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