Weekend Recap of Protests, Riots, and Looting in Philly & My Neighborhood

Weekend Recap of Protests, Riots, and Looting in Philly & My Neighborhood

I live in Philadelphia. There has been mass protesting, rioting, and looting all over the city where I live, some of which has drastically affected the neighborhood I live in - stores have been looted or destroyed in every direction across the city. I recorded both segments on Saturday and Sunday.

I just wanted to post an update since I live in Philadelphia and as many of you have seen the widespread protesting and riots after the death of George Floyd on Saturday, they were downtown. Saturday, they were in my neighborhood several blocks from my house and throughout the city. Most of the retail establishments in my neighborhood including drugstores and grocery stores have been looted or set on fire. As I write this, they have cut police scanners & military action is imminent in parts of downtown Philadelphia. 

Furthermore, I live in a historic black neighborhood mere blocks from the site of the 1985 MOVE Bombing in which the city dropped an incendiary device on the roof of a home after a standoff with a black liberation group which killed adults and children and burned two full city blocks to the ground. There is a lot of historical trauma and I am trying to support the community I live in as well. So, I am donating some of my time making self-care products to support the protesters and community members affected.

It’s possible to have complex and layered emotions about what is going on in Philly and other cities right now and that is okay. I get, support, and understand the grief and anger and the protests. Police have been brutalizing the black and brown community for decades. It has to stop. It has been spoken out against, protested silently, protested peacefully, and protested violently. I hope someday to see the change... this is the number one priority.

I love Philadelphia and the people here... I don’t want to see my city destroyed, but I get what went down during the protests. I don’t care about flipped or burnt cop cars or a burned down Starbucks or looted chain stores or broken store windows. I feel bad for small independent businesses impacted in the area and the people live in apartments above some of those stores. My friend’s store was one of the ones looted and vandalized. There has been a fundraiser set up here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/support-for-kiki-hughes

I am an anti-fascist witch against white supremacy. Stand up against racism and police brutality. Black Lives Matter. End Police Brutality. Remember George Floyd. Say his name. I am raising money for the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund for my birthday on Wednesday, please consider making a small donation.

Please be aware that shipping on current and incoming orders will be running behind this week. The city has been on extended curfew most of the weekend and into this week. I’m emotionally exhausted and have not had the energy to get much done. Please be patient, your orders will be on the way this week.

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