The Magic of Halloween

The Magic of Halloween

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Halloween is a tradition passed down from the Celtic pagan celebration of Samhain (pronounced Sowen) which marked the end of the harvest and transition into winter, which was often associated with death. It is said that on Halloween that the veil between the worlds thins allowing the dead to communicate with the living realm. This became a time of great celebration with ornate costumes and divination or fortune-telling. The traditions were mostly predominant in European countries (or those colonized by Europeans.) In the United States, Halloween didn't take foothold until the mid-to-late 1800s with the influx of Irish immigrants during the Potato Famine. Also, at this time trick or treating was incorporated into Halloween celebrations.

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween/Samhain:

  1. Try a little divination. You don't have to be an expert tarot card reader or anything like that. Grab a couple candles (try our divination oil to dress the candles) and an offering plate to the spirits (try our Samhain Botanical Blend) on October 31st and it can be as simple as automatic writing - just let your mind go and the words will flow! You may be surprised when you read them when you are finished. You can use a pendulum and ask some simple yes/no type questions; try a dark water bowl scrying or if you have a black mirror or crystal ball; or have a cup of tea uses a loose blend and read the leaves at the bottom of the cup.

  2. Make some magical treats. Try out some Mulled Wine or Cider, Mugwort Tea, Spiced Apples and Pomegranates, Soul Cakes, Cranberry muffins or bread, Gingerbread, Pumpkin bread or pie and of course treat your self to some Halloween candy!

  3. Burn some incense: Whether you are home on Halloween bestowing trick or treaters with candy or having a festive party, you can set the mood by burning some loose herbal incense blends. You can purchase small cauldrons on Amazon or Etsy for under $20.00 too and the smoke billows forth in such a magical way. Apple, Nutmeg, Mint, and Sage blends are a great choice, though I prefer some cinnamon and clove in the mix. For some extra kick if you plan on doing any divination work, you can add some Mugwort or Wormwood, but take special care and note any safety precautions - both will also give you very intensely vivid dreams.

  4. Decorate a Halloween Tree. I have an artificial Christmas Tree that I co-opted for the season. You can add festive purple or orange lights, dried flowers, bundles of herbs or witch balls, tarot cards, feathers, masks, pumpkin ornaments, cobwebs, and anything else you want!

  5. Try some Halloween Arts & Crafts: Go to your local craft store or pop-up halloween shop and go wild! Grab some seasonal silk flowers, anything from their Halloween decorations and make some fun decorations for your house and your Halloween tree! PS. don't forget the glitter!

Halloween is a magical time for all who celebrate, whether it is a sacred day of group or solitary rituals and spellcasting, trick or treating with the kids, or going to a lavish party. Find the magic in the little things and celebrate!

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