Stay Tuned for Exciting News from Restorative Aromatics

Stay Tuned for Exciting News from Restorative Aromatics

I have been a little quiet lately, but that is because I am up to a lot of exciting new endeavors. First and foremost, I bought a house and am settling and moving on November 5th. I am super excited to have a larger facility to make my products, have small workshops, and facilitate client consultations.

Here are some other exciting things to note for November and December 2018:

  • In October, I was interviewed for a radio show on CUTV on aromatherapy and my business.

  • I was a featured member on the International Association of Women's blog in October.

  • I am being interviewed for a video feature on the School of Natural Skincare's website.

  • I recorded a podcast about aromatherapy and my business for the POWER women's organization. I also was interviewed and featured in the Fall issue of their magazine. I will also be recording a video feature with them as well.

  • Stay tuned for the launch of my winter aromatherapy product line.

  • I enrolled in an Introduction to Perfumery course through the Online Perfume School in the UK.

  • I am also enrolled in an Herbal Immersion course through the The Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

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