I am an Aromatherapist and I Rarely diffuse Essential Oils

I am an Aromatherapist and I Rarely diffuse Essential Oils

I am a certified aromatherapist and I rarely diffuse essential oils anymore. I think the last time I did so was for some ambiance during my housewarming party in December. I got away from passive diffusion last year, but never really thought about why I was no longer diffusing all the time. Occasionally, I will make wax melts because they wax absorbs the aroma and it lasts much longer than any standard water diffuser.

  1. I find passive diffusion makes a room smell nice, but doesn't really do much for me otherwise. I tried every possible combination for sleep and eventually moved on to making sleep related salves and balms. I don't mind diffusing for ambiance, but I don't do it for any therapeutic benefits.

  2. I was using sooooo much oil diffusing regularly. I haven't had to buy lavender since the summer I think and even then I think I have a couple bottles on hand. Prior to that I was going through a 15ml bottle a month. Essential oils are not cheap and diffusing all the time can be costly.

  3. I am mindful and intentional about how I use my precious oils especially ones that have sustainability issues or are on the brink of major issues. Last year, I wrote about Sustainable Harvesting for Critically Endangered Plant Species. The top oils and most of which are my favorites by far include: Rosewood, Palo Santo, Spikenard, Agarwood, Sandalwood, and Frankincense. In particular, Frankincense has been over-harvested in Somalia and other parts of North Africa. Due to the popularity of this essential oil, it will inevitably be moving up the list of endangered species. When critically endangered plants or ones that are teetering on the edge of being over-harvested without regard for ethics and sustainability, the supplies will either run low or cease to exist.

  4. I love direct inhalation through Aromatherapy Inhalers. You can buy blank inhalers on Amazon for relatively low cost. I prefer the reusable ones where I can easily replace the cotton wicks once they dry up and they can last several months. Typically, I use about 35 drops of essential oils per inhaler tube. 

  5. Otherwise, I use essential oil based products everyday in my skincare, bubble baths, perfumes, soaps, shampoo bars, and through other modes of application.

There are so many ways to reap the benefits of aromatherapy and we all have our preferences. Diffusion is a good starting point when you are first getting comfortable with essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy. After studying aromatherapy, I found better ways to incorporate aromatherapy into my daily self-care practices.

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