Flying Ointments December Update

Flying Ointments December Update

The good news is that the supplier where I get my Belladonna Leaf has it back in stock. However, they are located in Spain so I probably won't have it in hand until the end of January. Some of our current stock is sold out or running low. The remaining problem is that my supplier for European Mandrake is still out of stock and they never responded to my inquiry as to when it would be back in stock.

What this means is that the flying ointments with Belladonna only will come back into stock some time in February whereas we have no expected date of return for products containing European Mandrake Root. I often used both in different flying ointments.

What you can expect is that we may redesign our flying catalog to be more consolidated and not offer as many different types. We anticipate that we can redesign some of them with the same or similar benefits and hope that we can find a new supplier for European Mandrake Root if all else fails.

Original Blog Post: November 16, 2022

Unfortunately, much to my chagrin, both suppliers that I have used for a few years for dried Belladonna leaf/root and European Mandrake Root are out of stock and I am in the process of investigating alternatives until they are back in stock. I live in a city rowhome, so I do not have the space to grow my own herbs at this time, plus that is a lot of work on top of managing my normal day to day business operations. There are plenty of places that sell seeds and occasionally live plants. I just don't have the space for them at this time.

However, this means that the current stock of flying ointments containing Belladonna and European Mandrake plus the Diabolica Smoke Blend and Flight of the Witches Tincture and Elixir are what I have in stock and I do not have a timeframe in which I will be able to restock them in the future. I have a small amount of Belladonna on hand so I can restock a few things when they run out, but otherwise I won't be restocking until I have another source secured and tested. I may be able to reformulate a couple flying ointments with Datura since I have a steady source for that.

I would say now is as good time as any to stock up on all your favorites.

Full List of affected products:

  • Asmodeus Flying Ointment

  • Astarte Flying Ointment

  • Ave Satanas Flying Ointment

  • Azazel Flying Ointment

  • Belial Flying Ointment

  • Bella Blue Flying Ointment

  • Beyond the Matrix Flying Ointment

  • Diabolica Herbal Smoke Blend

  • Flight of the Witches Tincture/Elixir

  • Flying High in the Sheets Flying Ointment

  • Go Ask Alice Flying Ointment

  • Hecate Flying Ointment

  • Hedge Witch Flying Ointment

  • King Paimon Flying Ointment

  • Lilith Flying Ointment

  • Liminal States Flying Ointment

  • Lucifer Flying Ointment

  • Lucifuge Rofocale Flying Ointment

  • Medusa Flying Ointment

  • Sex Magick Flying Ointment

  • Spirit Communication Flying Ointment

  • The Morrigan Flying Ointment

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