December 2020 Shipping Updates & Delays

December 2020 Shipping Updates & Delays

I assure you that your orders have been or are currently being sent out in a timely matter, but currently millions of packages are being delayed on a daily basis due to the sheer volume of online shopping this holiday season. Many are taking days to even be scanned into the system by the USPS and while some are moving around the country, they often get delayed for extended periods of time at distribution centers. I am dealing with this as several of my supply orders that have been sitting in the Philadelphia distribution center since the beginning of December.

This is especially trying for small business and individuals like myself. We cannot refund your orders because they are delayed. It is out of our hands. We are not multimillion or billion dollar corporations. Our revenue pays our bills and literally puts food on our tables. It may take up to a month or longer for the millions of packages in backlog to be delivered.

If you can find your orders on Etsy and Amazon Handmade or confirmation emails from my website to contact me, you can also find the tracking number to see where your package is currently at and if it is delayed. On some occasions, delivery scans happen before the package actually arrives at your location. So, please be patient. I do not have any additional information on my end. The tracking number gives me the same information as it gives you.

Holiday shipping gridlock is delaying 6 million packages a day

USPS ‘gridlocked’ as historic crush of holiday packages sparks delays

This is an image posted by a friend of mine who works at the USPS from one of the distribution centers and I have seen dozens more like this posted by other postal workers.

post office.jpg
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