All About Shampoo Bars

All About Shampoo Bars

I started making shampoo bars a year ago and quickly fell in love. I have temperamental hair and have a hard time finding liquid shampoo that is suitable for oily hair, dry scalp, and doesn't trigger psoriasis flare ups. At any given time, I had to have 4-5 different shampoos and conditioners on hand because after a few weeks my hair would grow immune to them and look extremely oily. I tried all types of specialty shampoos from high end boutiques to drugstore brands and always had the same thing happen.

I happened to see the video below from Lush on their shampoo bars and was inspired to start researching and experimenting making my own. At the time, I was living in a small apartment in a historic Victorian building with a tiny kitchen, so I had to use melt and pour soap bases since I did not have the proper space or ventilation to do cold-process soap on my own.

A dear friend of mine passed away almost two years ago and her husband, who is a long time friend gave me some of her soap making supplies since he knew I was into that sort of thing. I honor her memory every time I make soap and shampoo bars, which have vastly become my top sellers. She gave me that gift and the inspiration.

The first batch I made turned out pretty well and I noticed that I no longer needed to wash my hair every day, that I also no longer needed conditioner, and my hair was no longer visibly oily.

With the recent move away from the overuse of plastic packaging, shampoo bars have become increasingly popular. We use recyclable and reusable packaging for our products because sustainability is one of our core values. We only use plastic when it can not be avoided, and do not include extra packaging with our products.

Our shampoo bars are made with different soap bases (Hemp, Aloe Vera, African Black Soap, Goat's Milk, Oatmeal Shea, and Honey) with additional hair nourishing carrier oils and butters, some fragrance for flair, and essential oils that benefit hair and scalp health. We current have over 20 variations of shampoo bars, some are vegan by nature, but all can be fully customized to be vegan through our Amazon Handmade and Etsy stores.

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