BB Updates: October 2023 We've Moved and Other Exciting Things

BB Updates: October 2023 We've Moved and Other Exciting Things

Updated 10/15/23

We are still slowly getting settled into our new home/home office location in the Lehigh Valley.

We are keeping the 5-7 day turn around time we are restocking supplies and products, doing structural reorganization, and getting everything set up at the new place. Most things are shipping sooner than the 5-7 days unless I have to restock the product, order supplies, or if it is a custom made to order item.

It is very likely that we will keep longer turn around times in place as I really need to restructure my life when it comes to work life balance - something that I have not been good about to my own detriment. I pretty much have spent the past three years working non-stop with very little down time. I don't usually take more than a few days off over the course of a calendar year - I have been working through most weekends. I love what I do and things got out of balance in my personal life. The longer turn around times are for my sanity and well being. I also don't have the regular weekly help up here as I am staring at the table of ten ritual oils that need to be botted, three batches of ritual powders, three more bath salts, three tinctures, and fifteen things I need to restock for orders.

We have been doing a lot more wholesale orders through Faire and those orders are often for 50-150 units per order which often wipes out my stock pretty fast. Our shop and retail expansion has been really successful in helping us grow as a brand - we have products in stores in a Witchcraft Museum Shop in Switzerland and other stores in Canada, San Antonio TX, Henrico VA, Fort Worth TX, Whitehouse OH, Richmond VA, Bristol VT, Sausalito CA, West Berlin NJ, Toms River NJ, New Orleans LA, Biloxi MS, Omaha NB, Coral Springs FL, and Alpine AL so far.

I am still not in a place to start scheduling any services, readings, or energy work yet. I will keep you posted as to when that may be - at this point - probably November.

We are got our YouTube studio spot set up this week and should be able to start doing weekly livestreams again once thats done.We will be fine tuning our YouTube memberships and Patreon as well.

Stay tuned for some exciting new collaborations and offerings coming down the line soon. We will be offering ritual services by other vetted practicioners and some new products including magical dirts. Official annoucements forthcoming.


Recorded from our new location outside of Philly, Jennifer updates on leaving Philly, getting settled into the new place, post-moving business stuff, and celebrating that we reached 3000 subscribers to our channel.

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