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Marbas Ritual Oil

Marbas Ritual Oil

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Marbas Ritual Oil is used to anoint the body and ritual objects when working in rituals and spellwork with this Goetic President.

Ritual oils can be used to anoint candles, Sigils, petition papers, crystals, mojo bags, poppets, and other ritual objects. Depending on the nature of the spellwork and the ingredients of the oils they can also be used to anoint the body and/or personal belongings.​ See product safety warning for specific precautions. Do not ingest.

Each oil is handcrafted infusing botanicals, herbs, essential oils, fragrances, and other materials in a carrier oil. They are then strained and hand poured individually and imbued with magickal energy. Please note that some ritual oils contain inclusions such as crystals, tiny amounts of herbs, or other items, but not all contain inclusions. Our ritual oils come in a 15ml glass bottle.

To learn how to use ritual oils: please visit my YouTube channel for an instructional video on how to do so.

Grapeseed Oil, Oranges, Chicory Root, Juniper Berry, Valerian Root, Cedar/Thuja Tips, CInquefoil, Chamomile Flowers, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Scotch Whiskey Fragrance,

Materials: Oranges,Chicory Root,Juniper Berry,Valerian Root,CInquefoil,Chamomile Flowers,Sweet Orange Essential Oil,Scotch Whiskey Fragrance,Cedar Thuja Tips,grapeseed oil

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