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Group Ritual: Babalon's Rite of Self Attunement with Vanessa Diamond

Group Ritual: Babalon's Rite of Self Attunement with Vanessa Diamond

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The law of attraction means that your self-worth is reflected in the richness of your experiences, and in the beauty you see in the world around you. We will be invoking the goddess Babylon to help us all step onto that path of attuning with the desires of our higher selves. 

This will be a ritual in which participants are encouraged to rest and avoid negative external influence at the time of the working. The entirety of this ritual will take place in the astral realm, and participants will receive a summary afterward. We will need from participants a full name or current magical name, and a request to present to Babylon to fulfill an emotional or material desire. This must not be something that involves harm or control of another.

Before we begin, everyone will be cleared of blockages to connecting with their deepest desires and higher self.
During the working, I will call everyone's astral selves into a protected space, invoke Babylon, present her with an offering, and read out the names and requests that were submitted. Then everyone will have a chance to visit with their higher self as if in a mirror, and I will make note of any communication I perceive. This will be included in individual written summaries, along with how the request was received as well as the appearance of the astral self, which can be metaphorical for your current spiritual state. Before releasing everyone, I will assist in the creation of an astral item for participants astral selves to carry as a symbol of an opening connection with the higher self. The description of this item will also be in the summary.
Including preparation, this working should take about two hours. But the main event I will do at 8 PM CST on Friday the 31st. I suggest everyone rest, avoid negative or distressing external influences, and do something you enjoy. You may feel somewhat drained afterward, but this is a peaceful working. 


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Each participant will need to include their name real and/or magical and intentions. Please add details to check out note or email us at

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