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Banishing Spellfire

Banishing Spellfire

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Banishing Spellfire​ is to be used for for banishing spells and ritual work.

Spellfires can be used to burn sigils, offerings, or other ritual items used in spellwork. Our Spellfire blends include a unique blend of corresponding herbs in an isopropyl alcohol base.

Directions: Just add a small splash to your cauldron or heat safe container/vessel and carefully light with a long match (sometimes called hearth matches) or something slightly longer than an average match or light because the flames will ignite immediately due to the alcohol content.

Best to be used outdoors because it can set off smoke detectors inside, but if you are limited to indoor use, be sure to burn in a space away from anything that could catch fire. Use caution as the flames will dance about in varying intervals.

To learn how to use ritual spellfires: please visit our YouTube channel for an instructional video on how to do so:

Product Safety Warnings
* Caution: Flammable
* Do not ingest.

Herbs in isopropyl alcohol base:
Angelica Root, Black Pepper, Chili Peppers, Cinquefoil, Cloves, Cumin, Hyssop, Lemongrass, Rue, Spanish Moss, Vervain, Wormwood, Sulfur, and Cayenne Pepper. They are all used in spell and ritual work that calls for banishing unwanted persons, negative energies, spirits, or influences.
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